• Product realisation (development) and efficient production on high-tech fleets of machinery
  • Circuit boards in variable batch sizes to the complete device
  • Continuous service chain: from the idea to your serial product
  • Innovative wellness-related technologies
  • Control units for sauna & co
  • Numerous accessories and outstanding customer service
  • Consistent enhancement in performance in sports, the economy and reseach
  • Revolutionary real-time position measurement
  • Specific performance data processing
  • Futuristic innovations for the catering industry
  • From the carbonator to the dispensing unit
  • Sustainable product standards
  • Energy-efficient LED street lighting
  • Integrated, intelligent sensor technology for requirement-oriented light
  • Maximum light output with minimal energy consumption
  • Production of highly qualified products
  • From sourcing to assembling of mechanical, electromechanical components und electronic modules
  • Cost-effectively production in Novi Sad (Serbia)

"Strong structures make good ideas real success."

Implementing ideas requires the courage to tread new paths. As the saying goes: no risk no gain. The latter is minimized by abatec by its reliability as an established innovator with efficient structures on a stable economic base. Coupled with specific corporate entrepreneurial calculus, excellent know-how and specialised employees, abatec group AG enables a new future for you time and again.

The driving force behind abatec is the enthusiasm for innovation. abatec group AG allocates its in-house possibilities in R&D as well as in production not only to its partners, rather they are used to seize ideas, combine and realize them with abatec’s own dedication. A combination of subsidiaries was formed out of this passion which is evident in its variety for innovative thinking to be a guarantor of success in all industries.

In this sense: let’s do it first.